Seasons Playhouse offers a young fives and pre-k program that honors the creative imagination of the
young child and celebrates the role of nature in defining our traditions and our daily lives. Children
participate in seasonal activities that shape their connection to nature and the cycles of our world.

In the indoor classroom the children are surrounded with the textures and beauty of handcrafted wooden
toys. The outdoor classroom gives the children the freedom to explore the wonder of bird, plant and insect.
The children are welcomed in to nature's playhouse.

The academic development of the young fives and pre-k child is nurtured as language, math and science
concepts are immersed in all our activities - joy and learning are truly integrated. The daily rhythm of the
young child is expressed through story, movement, dance and song. Our art is an expression of what we
are learning using paint, clay, yarn, fabric, paper, and wood.

Children enter Seasons Playhouse to bridge their experience between preschool and the Kindergarten
classroom. Kindergarten skills are introduced along their path of creative play.
A nature based classroom that nurtures the
emotional heart and academic mind of a Young
Fives and Pre-K child.
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Seasons Playhouse is transitioning to The Art House. An art program for
children ages 3.5 to 10 years old. Morning classes for preschoolers and an
after school program for school age kids. Check us out!